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Have you lost your local media outlet?
Are you a casualty of the legacy media bloodbath

We can help.

As a Troy Media Business Partner, your annual sponsorship entitles you to:

  1. a 50% discount for advertising on this site
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  3.  Two free advertorials per year
  4. Membership in Troy Media’s VIP Thought Leadership program
  5. a 25% discount on all sponsorship opportunities
  6. FREE inclusion in Troy Media’s Sourcebook. a resource used daily by journalists across Canada.
  7. Knowing you are supporting your community and actively promoting it across Canada

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As a Troy Media Journalist Partner, you receive:

  1. Website hosting and ALL of Troy Media’s editorial content, broadcasted to your site daily at a discounted rate
  2. Free website maintenance and updates
  3. Free responsive theme and customization, and updates
  4. Free mobile-ready theme and updates
  5. Local ad platform for the exclusive use of your local advertisers
  6. National ad platform
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  10. And more!

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